The Evangelical Covenant Church has long had a history of doing God’s work globally or locally. Spreading God’s word with an understanding of the Lord’s saving grace has always been first and foremost. The early Covenanters of ninetieth century Sweden called themselves "Mission Friends," reflecting a dedication to share faith to all close at hand and far and wide. Central to faith has been Christ’s calls of the Great Commission to send us out in His name to make disciples and for us to love the Lord and our neighbors as ourselves. We espouse a “global mission with a local vision” whether in foreign countries or in our own neighborhood. We teach of the Lords saving grace through His words and with the love of His holy spirit with ministries of compassion, mercy and justice.

The Evangelical Covenant Church of America "facilitates intercultural ministries around the world and partners with churches and international believers to glorify God’s name by bringing the whole gospel to the whole world.

Foreign and Domestic Ethnic Mission Commitments

First Covenant Church as a part of the Evangelical Covenant Church of America supports mission efforts financially and through hands on efforts in three foreign mission fields and a domestic ethnic mission field.

Congo Africa
Chinese Ministries